About Me

Hi! I am a Computer Science PhD student at Indiana University who focuses on researching large data sets and their data driven practical applications under the tutelage of Dr. Mehmet Dalkilic

I grew up in Houston, TX and moved to Rochester, NY when I was 12. I did my undergraduate degree at the University of Pittsburgh in Bioinformatics.

I love teaching, helping others out, and enjoying nature

Research Interests

I am interested in large data sets and their practical applications. Currently I am working with the IUBUS campus bus service to improve their scheduling by leveraging millions of GPS and automated passenger count data. I have reduced the fuel costs, improved break times and increased passenger satisfaction for IUBUS using this data.

I have also worked in several other areas using large data sets including Geology, Biological Sciences and Real Estate - namely property assessment appeals

Personal Interests

I love watching sports, especially if they are games involving the University of Pittsburgh Panthers, Indiana University Hoosiers, Houston Astros, Houston Rockets, or Buffalo Bills

Physical activities I enjoy include hiking, shooting hoops, golfing and walking long distances. I played tennis for Fairport High School, but I am significantly worse now!

I enjoy listening to music, most of which is in the Americana genre. Some of the bands I listen to include Dave Matthews Band, Bela Fleck and the Flecktones, David Crowder*Band, The Decemberists, The Head and the Heart, Jars of Clay, Kaleo, Mumford and Sons, Paul Simon, Peter Gabriel, Purity Ring and Radiohead

Magic: The Gathering

I love playing Magic: The Gathering, a trading card game, with friends. I travel all around the Midwestern United States for tournaments, which gives me a chance to learn and visit other cities as well as make some awesome friends.

Notable Results:

Date Event Format Deck Finish
2018-02-18 SCG Standard Classic Indianapolis Standard Blue-Black Control 14th
2017-12-03 SCG Modern Open Roanoke Modern Five-Color Humans 22nd
2017-09-17 SCG Standard Classic Louisville Standard U/B Control 4th
2017-02-26 SCG Standard Classic Indianapolis Standard GB Energy 5th
2016-05-22 SCG Standard Super IQ Charlotte Standard Green-White Tokens 6th